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Who are we? 

KIWANDA : Where interpreneurs are made!

Launched in October 2016 by the organisations Singa and Coexister, Kiwanda serves as a co-working and events space, whilst seeking to build community relationships. 

Kiwanda is at the same time: 


  • A co-working space

Kiwanda provides all the amenities to serve you, your organisation and your projects: high-quality internet connection; unlimited hot drinks; relaxation spaces; meeting rooms and comfortable desks. 


  • A place of encounter 

Kiwanda was designed with all types of events in mind: from training courses to conferences and hackathons. It is up to its residents to imagine what can take place!


  • A lively network of intrapreneurs

Kiwanda’s main strength is its huge network of intrapreneurs. As part of the Kiwanda community, they can inspire each other and work together for a better society.

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